Thursday Petanque


Welcome to the home of Thursday Petanque.

What is Thursday Petanque?

Back in the early 1990's Mike Webb decided to help promote the then dwindling Bass 1990's league, eventually taking over the organisation completely. This was then renamed the East Midlands Thursday Pairs and ran through the summer, usually starting early in May. If you hadn't already guessed then yes, it was played on a Thursday evening.

Up until recently, all the clubs were based in the East Midlands area, around the Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire divide but it has expanded slightly by now including Mansfield.

To try and make things a little more efficient this web site has been designed. By signing up for an account and selecting your team you can submit your match results online. League tables are automatically generated so as long as the results keep coming in, the league tables will always be up to date.

Latest News

28 August 2016

Unfortunately the Sitwell Arms have had to withdraw from the league. All submitted results for any Sitwell Arms matches have been removed from the league table and all fixtures have been converted to BYE's.